Facial Reflexology (The Bergman Method)

facialreflexologyimageTrained by the world’s leading Facial Reflexologist and Zone Lift Therapist, Ziggie Bergman, facial reflexology is an amazingly spiritual and rejuvenating therapy.  As a relatively new therapy (although based on ancient Native American methods) it has become a buzz word amongst the red carpet for a natural facelift.  The unique benefits of facial reflexology include toning the skin, reducing puffiness and fine lines, helping a healthy glow as well as helping to treat many common conditions.  The face provides a beautiful tool to assess what is going on within and can be used to treat many common conditions.

Facial reflexology is based on the same theory as foot and hand reflexology, using a map of reflex points on the face and uses massage techniques on the face and head. Reflex areas and points that correspond to different organs and parts of the body are stimulated to initiate self healing within the body. It is incredibly relaxing and can initiate a very different, deep sense of relaxation.

FacePiccy1             Facial reflexology is experienced on a reflexology reclining  chair and you remain fully clothed. The full facial reflexology treatment session lasts for 45 minutes and works on the whole face and scalp. There is time at the beginning of the session to reflect since the previous session and also following the treatment to feed back findings and relax. A shorter 25 minute power sequence session for stress is also available

An organic oil is used to aid massage techniques and nourish, replenish or revitalise the skin. This can be chosen according to client preference and / or medical history and will be discussed prior to treatments.

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